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Vlogging Food & Film

posted Nov 5, 2014, 7:11 AM by Harry Hawk

Time to Enjoy Food & Film

I have plenty of time to VLOG at the NYC Food Film Festival --- because as the co-creator I leave all of the planning and execution of the event to our team of dedicated professionals and our amazing crew of volunteers. Thanks to the support of Leske's Bakery and New York Handmade Breads I was able to edit my VLOG files into a longer form video. Right now it's about 12 minutes and it shows off all of the crazy backstage conversations I had with Pitmasters Billy Durney, Robbie Richter, Ramen Master Keizo Shimamoto and Takoyaki guru Karl Palma.. 

My Food & Film Story:

Back Stage at the Food Film Festival (NYC, 2014)

Do you have a food story you need to tell? 

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