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YouTube & Troye Sivan #TRXYE

posted Jul 26, 2014, 7:46 AM by Harry Hawk   [ updated Aug 15, 2014, 11:37 AM ]

On July 25, 2104 YouTuber Troye Sivan released a new song promoting his upcoming EP; it has already hit #1 on iTunes. On July 25 14 at 7:30 GMT -5 the video had 8,000 views. Just 17 hours after being released it already has 330+k views. One week later 1.8 million [7/31/14]; three weeks later more than 3.6 million views [8/15/14]. His previously released video (3 Mil+ views) was about the John Green book, The Fault in Our Stars.

More importantly, Troye (@TroyeSivan) has received coverage in The Drudge Report which generally leads the US News Cycle; I think that means we will be hearing a lot more from Mr. Sivan in the next few days.

In the last few months on The Hobson & Holtz Report and FIR on Higher Education Podcasts I have previously mentioned Troye as someone to "watch" when I discussed the power of YouTube and it's "stars" known as YouTubers who promote their own shows and do crossover promotions called Collabs.
Troye has 2.3+ Million fans on YouTube and many of his videos receive 1 Million views, some as much as 2.2+ Million views. All of his current promotion is in advance of the 15 August 2014 release date of his forthcoming EP. At 1 million to 2 million views that is greater than many TV shows including all late night talk shows.

What is not clear (he released one trial balloon song last year) is how much of his effort to grow his YouTube presence was in preparation for the song release today. Either way, quality content rules, and with nearly 2.5 million fans, Troye has proven he can make great videos. There are a number of "Networks" within YouTube (Top 100 Networks) that work to promote a large number of channels.
I've done my part today to tweet about Troye and his song, which I called, on Twitter:

A trippy clubish drug drenched ditty from fresh faced and famously Out YouTuber @TroyeSivan. Happy Little Pill: http://t.co/tVwQyPKXce

— Harry Hawk (@hhawk) July 25, 2014

Not only only is Troye (bio) an actor (stage and screen) and a YouTuber, he is famously Out; he Outed himself on YouTube and still finds acceptance from his fans. The world is changing in many ways all at the same time.

It's worth noting that today's younger generation is often credited as being the first to take advantage of computer tools to create media. That is of course a false premise. In general computers have always been used to help generate media and certainly the earliest personal computers helped many a creative mind but none more so than the Amiga which was a creative power house not only empowering fans but also many professionals with add-ons like Video Toaster.

I'd love to hear what you think about his song and my coverage. Msg me on Twitter @hhawk 

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Writen by: Harry Hawk